Coventry Recovery Community (CRCCIC) is a progressive and innovative Social Enterprise (CIC) based in Coventry, West Midlands, delivering user-led, peer-to-peer and person centred health and social care services within the substance misuse field. We have evolved primarily as a response to gaps in treatment service delivery, and we now enjoy a positive reputation in Coventry for effective and flexible connectivity and support at the cutting edge of substance misuse approaches. We currently deliver a range of involvement activities, acting as a hub for recovery focused endeavour in Coventry. We have recently been granted £20,000 funding by Coventry City Council to establish a city centre recovery hub, based at The Rose Community Centre, Spon End. The Hub will be operational from 03/04/17, from where we will deliver specialist alcohol and drug related recovery support and aftercare, through user-led drop-ins and mutual aid, working directly with the most difficult and hard-to-engage clients, in partnership with existing commissioned services. Our board of directors is ten-strong: each director has personal experience of substance misuse. Our board is steered democratically by our membership through monthly community meetings. Our income is currently self-supported (donations, fund raising, etc), with limited funds presently, but we can conceivably raise capital through asset transfer, and funding from a mixture of grants, commissioned contracts and gifts, from both the statutory and non-statutory sectors. This diversity theoretically provides a degree of financial security for the organisation. CRCCIC works in partnership with voluntary and statutory agencies; supporting those seeking recovery through volunteer mentors; signposting, guidance and support; reaching out into hard to reach communities; connecting those seeking recovery through meaningful involvement; developing peer-support and mutual aid activity; working with those in active recovery; those seeking recovery; their families, friends. Training: staff training; volunteer training; peer mentor training; 1-2-1 training; group training; mutual aid and recovery orientation; information and brief advice training packages for the corporate sector. On-going Commissioned Service Support: phone, email, web-based and social network platform-based contact/support; clear referral pathways; identifying and challenging barriers to existing services; reducing stigma; quality assurance; lobbying; recovery advocacy; education; promoting recovery visibility; unifying recovery pathways; promoting events and involvement/engagement activity; identifying substance misuse demographics; consultations with local communities through community building workshops; evaluation and report writing. Asset Mapping: providing an asset mapping service, integrated into our support model/treatment services. This asset map can be purchased from us independently or commissioned. Consultation: conducting 6-weekly community consultations from the CRCCIC base and County locations. These planned, structured sessions provide a constant feedback loop, providing opportunities to convey information to community members and for the community to voice suggestions/concerns. Independently run, these consultations will promote an authentic conduit for the community direct to the heart of service provision and commissioning. City Centre Peer-Led Drop In/Recovery Hub: an ongoing drop-in service; connectivity through 1-2-1 sessions and group sessions; signposting, screening and referrals; a shared space with other relevant services (TRP, Aquarius, Swanswell ILS, Kairos, SWISH, C&W Mind, NA, AA, CA, VA Coventry, CAP, Cyrenians, Arty-Folks, etc) providing seven-day-per-week connection to recovery orientated services and organisations. We believe that recovery is sustainable through peer-led connectivity and empowerment. We believe that harm reduction is an integral part of the recovery process. We believe that families and friends have an important role to play in any balanced recovery community. We believe in the value of partnership working whilst retaining our integrity as an independent organisation. We believe that all pathways to recovery are unique: equality, respect and diversity are vital to the enrichment of our community. Registered Address: Coventry Recovery Community C.I.C. Rose Community Centre, Hope St, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3LH. Reg Number: 08838835